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War Sport LVOA

The War Sport Flagship – A Shooting Experience Like No Other
War Sport Low Visibility Operations Application (LVOA) AR-15 rifles are in a category of their own. No other rifles can match War Sport LVOA models for accuracy, flat shooting, virtually zero muzzle rise, performance and dependability.

Unique look for a unique experience
War Sport LVOA AR-15 rifles are constructed from top-quality materials, including steel barrels made at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in North Carolina from the highest-quality, American-made gun barrel bar stock. Our sleek, unique and patented rail designs create distinct profiles that get you recognized at the range, in the field and at shooting competitions across the country and world.

Attention to detail means never settling for second-best
  • Nitride finish on barrel, gas tube, and bolt carrier group
  • Rail and receivers are Type-3 hard anodized before custom Cerakote finishing
  • Superior accuracy—Stays on target for next shot
  • Flat flash signature—Virtually zero muzzle rise
  • War Sport muzzle break ensures:
    • Flat shooting • Reduced flash • Minimal recoil
  • All War Sport rifles come with a lifetime warranty

The LVOA Line-up

  • NEW for 2017 LVOA-HC (High Caliber): 
    • Caliber: 308/7.62 NATO, 1:10 RH • Barrel length: 16″ • Weight: 8.6-lbs • Length open: 38.2″ • Length closed: 35″
  • NEW for 2017 LVOA-9 (mm): 
    • LVOA-9C (Carbine):
      • Caliber: 9mm, 1:10 RH • Barrel: 14.7″ • Weight: 6.8-lbs • Length open: 34.8″ • Length closed: 31.3″
    • *LVOA-9S (SBR): 
      • Caliber: 9mm, 1:10 RH • Barrel: 11.75″ • Weight: 6.5-lbs • Length open: 32″ • Length closed: 28.7″
    • LVOA-9P (AR Pistol):
      • Caliber: 9mm, 1:10 RH • Barrel: 11.75″ • Weight: 6.4-lbs • Overall Length: 28.7″
  • LVOA-C (Carbine):
    • Caliber: 223Wylde, 1:8 RH • Barrel: 14.7″ • Weight: 7.0-lbs • Length open: 35.5″ • Length closed: 32.75″
  • *LVOA-S (SBR): 
    • Caliber: 223Wylde, 1:8 RH • Barrel: 11.75″ • Weight: 6.75-lbs • Length open: 32.75″ • Length closed: 29.5″
  • LVOA-P (AR Pistol):
    • Caliber: 223Wylde, 1:8 RH • Barrel: 11.75″ • Weight: 6.75-lbs • Overall Length: 29.5″

Color options: Black, Foliage, Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Wolf Grey

* NOTE: This is a National Firearms Act (NFA)-regulated item. Check state and local laws before purchase. Not legal in all states. Requires Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) approval before transfer to a local Class 3 dealer.

Flagship LVOA Line

War Sport is All American
We are American-made and owned. Every part of a War Sport LVOA rifle is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.



















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