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About War Sport: An AR-15 Company and More

There are many components that make up a War Sport firearm: barrel, receivers, rail, trigger. What sets War Sport above the rest is our dedication to craftsmanship, quality standards and precision in every rifle and pistol we make.

At War Sport, we pride ourselves on crafting the highest-quality firearms with obsessive attention to detail, quality, performance and accuracy. When you buy a War Sport rifle or pistol, you can trust that it will serve you long into the future.

The War Sport Difference
Visit our state of the art North Carolina facility and you won’t see assembly lines stamping out firearm parts one after the other. We believe a high-end weapon deserves hands-on attention. That’s why every War Sport gun is hand-built by one person—a master builder whose knowledge and expertise goes into every firearm. They ensure every part meets War Sport’s strict quality measures and is tested for precision before stamping a unique identifier on each firearm. Only then will a War Sport firearm move on to its new owner.


Only the Best
War Sport firearms are made with several components designed and manufactured in-house by our experts. Barrels are crafted from top-of-the-line bar stock and are turned using a ream-and-button process that delivers accurate performance. We hand-fit each action for a tight fit. The unique design of our rails and other components create a distinct look that stands out no matter where you are. And every part is American-made.


The War Sport Look
Own a War Sport rifle or pistol and people notice. Our designs create unique profiles unlike any other gun maker. Soldiers tell us they want the weapon they carried during tours of duty, but better. They choose War Sport not only for performance and quality, but for the look and feel of a top-shelf firearm.

There’s a War Sport rifle or pistol for all types of gun enthusiasts: including LVOA AR-15 rifles and AR pistols for serious marksmen and sportsmen, an AR-10 style hunting rifle for big-game hunters and WS-9 AR rifles and pistols for those who want to experience War Sport precision in 9mm. Visit our store and see for yourself what sets War Sport apart from other AR-15 companies.

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