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Q: Can the Muzzle Brake on your rifles be removed and replaced with a muzzle device from another manufacturer?

A: This is not recommended and highly discouraged. The LVOA has been tested and designed around a specific muzzle brake that was fully tested in R&D. Making any changes will only down-grade the performance of the rifle, or may even cause damage to the rifle. Your warranty will be voided if the supplied muzzle brake is replaced with any other type of muzzle device.


Q: Are there billet options?

A: Coming soon.


Q: Does the LVOA rifle have a gas piston system?

A: No. The LVOA-S (SBR, NFA Rules Apply) and LVOA-C (carbine 14.5 with pinned to 16.2” OAL) are both mid-length direct impingement gas system weapons.


Q: Is the LVOA upper and rail monolithic?

A: No. The LVOA upper and rail are two separate pieces designed with superior barrel lockup that offers anti-rotation and precise rail alignment tabs.


Q: Can the LVOA use a suppressor?

A: Coming soon.


Q: Can the LVOA rail be used with other AR uppers and barrels?

A: Yes, however it is not recommended and strongly discouraged. The LVOA rail was designed and tested around the muzzle brake device and barrel provided. Modifications to the the rifle will automatically void performance and warranty.


Q: Can the rail bungee be damaged from heat?

A: Yes, if the rail bungee (shock cord) is exposed to an open flame it can burn. Prolonged exposure to heat over time can also cause the cord to deteriorate. However, our rail bungee is made of shock cord and designed to pop away like a rubber band would, instead of simply breaking away or melting onto the rail. This is also why it is important to make sure the rail bungee remains under tension.


Q: Does the rail of the LVOA get hot?

A: The gas block area will produce heat during rapid fire drills. As a rule of thumb, no matter the manufacturer or brand of the AR, leather palm combat shooting gloves are always recommended when running rapid fire drills. The LVOA rail is designed with good air-flow to allow for a cooler running rail; however, the rail will produce heat and may even potentially cause burns or damage to exposed skin, etc.


Q: What ammunition is recommended for the LVAO?

A: The LVOA-C and SBR have been tested using the lowest quality and the highest quality ammunition. However, it is recommended to use quality ammunition for the best performance and low signature flash. Steel case ammunition or reloaded ammunition is not recommended. Damages incurred from using reloaded ammunition or steel ammunition will void the rifle’s warranty.


Q: What kind of accuracy does the LVOA have?

A: The LVOA can shoot sub MOA.


Q: How do I clean and care for my LVOA?

A: Please click here for our online owners manual.


Q: What is the warranty for War Sport Rifles?

A: Please click here for our warranty page.


Q: Does War Sport offer repair service.

A: Yes, we offer services to War Sport rifles and accessories. This service does not include third party parts, and is voided if any modifications have been made to the original firearm. Please call 910-948-3000.


Q: Is the LVOA owner’s manual available online?

A: Yes, please click here for online manuals.


Q: How do dealers sign up to carry War Sport products?

A: Please click here to view dealer opportunities and information.


Q: How do I find a War Sport Dealer?

A: Please click here to find a War Sport dealer near you.


Q: How do I find out the status of an order?

A: Please call 910-948-3000.


Q: How to receive replacement parts for the LVOA?

A: Please call 910-948-3000.


Q: Is it legal to own a LVOA in every state?

A: It is important to research your state’s law and assault weapons legislation to ensure compliance. How firearms are defined and regulated varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. There is no clear definition of an assault weapon; however, usually a semiautomatic firearm with a large magazine will fall under “assault weapon.” Forty-three of the states in the US do not have an assault weapons ban.


Q: Does War Sport offer California compliant firearms?

A: Yes. Please call 910-948-3000.


Q: What is the War Sport return policy?

A: Please click here to view our return policy.


Q: Where does War Sport ship to?

A: Currently, War Sport ships merchandise to locations within the United States and U.S. territories, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands. Additionally, War Sport will ship merchandise to Canada under the export guidelines (see export restrictions here). All firearm sales and shipping must follow and comply with the BATFE Laws. War Sport Industries, LLC is a licensed FFL/SOT manufacturer. If you have any questions regarding the the purchase of our firearms, please click here to contact us. You can also click here to view government regulations in regards to legal firearm ownership.


Q: How soon will War Sport ship products?

A: War Sport will ship products that are in stock within 24 hours of payment a payment being processed and accepted.


Q: How much is sales tax?

A: War Sport charges sales tax for merchandise based on the applicable sales tax rate in North Carolina, Florida, Texas and Ohio.

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