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Helping Law Enforcement Protect Our Communities

police1Every day, law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect citizens and communities across the U.S. War Sport is proud to supply many of them with high-quality, reliable and accurate rifles as they patrol city streets, highways and borders.

War Sport Rifles—Built for Law Enforcement
Law enforcement officers may face life-and-death scenarios in an instant. They don’t want to worry about their firearms. That’s why War Sport manufactures each of its rifles under rigorous quality standards.

War Sport firearms aren’t made on an assembly line. Law enforcement officers can trust that their rifle was produced by one master builder who spends 10 hours or more on their weapon. These skilled craftsmen hand assemble each weapon with precision and care from start to finish. They stamp a unique identifier on each rifle only after it passes quality, performance and reliability tests.

We employ several retired law enforcement officers who help design and build the firearms carried by active personnel. Knowledge from these former officers helps War Sport manufacture weapons that law enforcement personnel can trust. War Sport can even customize rifles to your agency’s specific needs.

A Firearm for Every Situation
Law enforcement personnel work in every environment imaginable — rain, snow, sun and wind—elements that can hamper the performance and accuracy of their weapons.

At War Sport, we build firearms to withstand even the harshest conditions. Every barrel, gas tube and bolt carrier group goes through a Nitride process that reduces friction, lowers carbon build up and lessens time needed for cleaning—ultimately increasing reliability and accuracy. The upper and lower receivers, plus the rail, are Type 3 hard-anodized and are then finished with a Cerakote composite that resists abrasion, wear, and corrosion while enhancing the firearms’ unique look.

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