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War Sport Manufacturing: Perfecting AR Performance

AR Performance | AR-15 Made In AmericaThere are plenty of firearms manufacturers, but there’s only one War Sport.

Every rifle and pistol we make is better than military grade. Soldiers, law enforcement, hunters, competition shooters and everyday gun enthusiasts trust the reliability, performance and quality of a War Sport rifle or pistol. We strive for perfection in AR performance.

Precision Crafted, One Firearm at a Time
Unlike other firearm makers, War Sport doesn’t use assembly lines to build our rifles and pistols. Each weapon is produced by a master builder who can spend 10 hours or more on a single gun. Only after the gun passes strict quality standards will the master builder stamp a unique identifier on each custom-built firearm. And we are American-made and owned. Every part of a War Sport LVOA rifle is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.

It Starts with the Barrel
War Sport guns are made from top-quality materials, including steel barrels manufactured at our state-of-the-art North Carolina facility from the highest-quality, American-made bar stock. The bars are cut to length and then deep-bore drilled, rifle-reamed, buttoned, chambered and contoured—all in-house. Through advanced manufacturing techniques, we produce barrels of the highest quality and accuracy.

But we don’t stop there. Every upper and lower receiver is fitted, and the upper receiver is trued to ensure it’s square with the barrel. The upper receiver is honed, so the bolt carry group operates smoothly and dependably.

manufacture2Firearms Made to Last

At War Sport, we build firearms for high performance in any weather and environment. Every barrel, gas tube and bolt carrier group is treated with Nitride—a chemical process that makes the surfaces slicker and more durable—to increase accuracy and lifespan. The upper and lower receivers, plus the rail, are Type 3 hard-anodized and are then finished with a Cerakote composite that resists abrasion, wear, and corrosion.

After a series of redundant quality control checks and hand inspections, our rifles are then taken to our 18-acre test range where each firearm is test-fired for form, function and accuracy. This ensures that when your War Sport firearm arrives, it’s ready to perform and handle anything you put in front of it.


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