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Limited Lifetime Warranty


Scope of Warranty: War Sport Manufacturing, LLC’s (henceforth War Sport) firearms are warrantied to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life

of the original owner. War Sports obligation under this warranty shall be limited to (1) repairing or (2) replacing any product upon inspection at War Sport, and based on

its discretion is found to be defective in material or in workmanship. This warranty is limited and does not extend to: careless handling, abuse and misuse, unauthorized

adjustments or modifications, use of improper ammunition, excessive or unreasonable use, ordinary wear and tear, rust or corrosion, and barrel obstruction. Repairs are

warrantied for the duration of the original warranty and applies only to factory built parts.


Exclusive Remedy: The remedies in this section and in the warranty agreement constitute the sole and exclusive remedies for the original owner.


Disclaimer: The warranty stated in this agreement is the sole and exclusive warranty pertaining to the product. War Sport disclaims any warranty expressed or implied,

including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall War Sport be responsible for any indirect, incidental or

consequential damages including, without limitations, lost profits, costs of delay, with respect to economic loss or injury to property or third parties, whether as a result of

breach of express or implied warranty, negligence or otherwise.


Prior to returning any War Sport product for warranty work, you must receive a return material authorization (RMA) from our customer service department, 910-948-3000

or warranty@warsport.com. Items must be returned prepaid to: War Sport, 13117 Hwy 24 27, Eagle Springs, NC 27242. War Sport assumes no responsibility for items

lost or damaged in shipping. Items that are returned and found to be out-of-warranty will be repaired at the owner’s expense; however, no work will be performed without

the customer’s written authorization. War Sport reserves the right to inspect any product before making any adjustment or covering this warranty.


Product Registration: Original purchaser must submit completed registration card and a copy of the original sale receipt, within 90 days, by either e-mail a copy of each

document to warranty@warsport.com or mailing to War Sport, 13117 Hwy 24 27, Eagle Springs, NC 27242. Failure to register within 90 days voids the warranty.


The terms of this warranty cannot be changed, except in writing, by War Sport.

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